Killer cat

Crypto’s Feline Fury!


Prepare to witness the purr-fect storm as Killer Cat takes aim at the most iconic crypto meme tokens of all time. From Doge to Pepe to Slerf, no token is safe from the claws of justice… or should we say, the claws of fur-tune?





10 Million




How to buy

Step 1

Get that Solana wallet ready, ’cause Killer Cat’s on the prowl! No empty purses allowed in this crypto jungle. It’s like a treasure hunt, but instead of an “X” marking the spot, it’s more of a “Meow!

Step 2

Time to channel your inner explorer! Navigate through the crypto chaos, dodging Doge, Pepe, Slerf – they’re all fair game for the claw-tastic Killer Cat. Only the brave and bold emerge victorious in this feline frenzy!

Step 3

You’ve found ’em – now pounce! Snatch up those Killer Cat tokens like a true crypto boss. It’s time to ride the fur-tune wave to victory!

Buckle up, because this cat’s got nine lives and a whole lot of meme chaos to unleash. Let the fur fly!